Thursday, November 12, 2015

Rainbow Swirl Finish

Rainbow Swirl is another instance of me seeing a quilt on Instagram, and going to EQ7 to recreate it for myself. The designer is Sedef of DownGrapeVineLane who gave me permission to make and share it, with credit to her.

I'm pretty sure she made hers with smaller squares than I did. I cut 4" squares to sew half-square triangles for 3" X 3" finished squares. With the 3"-wide white border, this quilt finishes at 36" X 36".

My version is made with a scrappy assortment of favorite fabrics. Sedef made hers from a collection. I've never been a "collection" sort of quilter. In fact, I don't think I've ever made a quilt using just one collection. In my opinion, quilts made from one fabric collection are over-coordinated. There's no out-of-place fabric that gives the quilt an eye-catching spark.

Quilts made with a variety of fabrics from a variety of designers, make for an interesting and even historical document about fabric trends. Someday some knowledgeable quilter will look at this quilt and remark, "Oh, that's a quilt from the teens. Don't you remember when collections by Emma Jean Jansen, Amanda Jean Murphy, Lizzy House, Joel Dewberry, Alison Glass, Tula Pink, Pat Bravo, Anna Marie Horner, Lora Holt, Brigitte Heiland, Carrie Bloomston, Amanda Herring, and.... were popular?" Yep, all those designers' fabrics are in this little quilt!

I quilted "Rainbow Swirl" on my Pfaff Grand Quilter, the one with the new throat plate cover. I'm happy to say that I no longer have a thread breaking issue. It was definitely burrs in the throat plate  hole that were causing all the problems.

For the quilting, I first stitched curves, across from each other, using a Fine Line ruler. Then, I eyeballed an echoing curve outside those. In the space between the curves I added a wavy design. As always, once I finally decided what I wanted to quilt, the doing of it went quickly.

Since I made too many half-square triangles - intentionally, so I would have enough to play with color arrangement on the front - I worked the extra HSTs into the back. Because I do this with all my quilts - use leftover blocks in the back - I seldom have orphan blocks to deal with.

The quilting shows up nicely on the back. Batting is Quilter's Dream Request Poly. I am, I confess, a Quilter's Dream batting snob. I think it's the best quality brand.

Binding is bias cut from a striped fabric so I could get the candy cane effect I like so well. That prettily mitered corner is machine-sewn. (If you aren't familiar with this binding method, see my tutorial here.) Quilting thread is YLI silver-colored polished polyester - some of the $300 worth of YLI thread I won when one of my small quilts took second place at the Machine Quilter's Expo in 2012.

I am notorious for seeing a quilt I want to make and then dumping everything to make it right now. But gosh, I like this one.

You'll want to make a note to visit my blog on Friday, November 20. Not only will I have a very special guest blogger - someone who's very dear to my heart - but I'll have a giveaway. And don't we all like those?! Linda


diane said...

Every quilt you finish is my new favorite !

Karen said...

What a great finish. Where will you display it? So glad your machine is behaving!

Nancy said...

Oh the things we can do with half-square triangles! Bright and happy, and your quilting looks terrific.

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

This quilt reminds me of your new desk. So colorful and cheery. I agree with you about how using a variety of designers adds a lot of interest to a quilt. I have only made a couple of quilts from a single line of fabric and both were nice but I have more fun in mixing it up. That said, I do love my Kaffe quilts. When using his prints it gets pretty colorful and crazy anyway and that's what I like.

the zen quilter said...

This is a real winner! And the back is as beautiful as the front. The quilting is also gorgeous-like I said a real winner !

Susan Snooks said...

You are SO right about fabric ranges- all too 'matchy-matchy' for me too! I have always mixed my fabric collections up because it is much more a reflection of my choices and personality, not the designer's. Love the quilt and your quilting skill is first class! Who is your guest blogger??????

KaHolly said...

Ooh la la! Another little gem! And that quilting is just perfect, Linda! You do such a lovely job and,as always, you inspire me to keep practicing on all my little pieces.

Teresa said...

Great looking quilt.

Michele said...

Oh I just love this quilt and it turned out fabulous. Yes I confess too to want to make my own versions of quilts I see but kiddos, work and lack of time are my downfall a lot.

Carolyn S. said...

Beautiful quilt! I saw it at Down Grapevine Lane and searched further to find your quilt. Is there any chance you would be willing to share your EQ7 file? I would be forever grateful.


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