Monday, April 6, 2015

Metro Waves

It hasn't taken me long to learn that if you're going to teach anything related to quilting, you have to plan w-a-y ahead and make the projects. That's what I did when I decided to offer Beyond First Time Quiltmaking classes about curves using the Quick Curve Ruler (QCR). After making Urban Abacus, I made one more quilt for a total of four QCR quilts under my belt. I love every one of them.

However, the last one, Metro Waves challenged me the most. First, as I mentioned in a previous post, the yardages given in the instructions work only if you're using solid fabrics which are wider than prints. If, like me, you want to make Metro Waves with prints, you need more fabric.

Second, I started thinking scrappy would be great, and... oh how wrong I was! It was difficult to select the "right" fabrics to go together.

After cutting out a gazillion convex and concave curves, I finally figured out that Metro Waves looks much better with a controlled color palette.

Batting is a single layer of Quilter's Dream Puff. This is the first time I've quilted with Puff, and while I like it because it's lightweight, and well... puffy. It gives dimension to the quilting. But I found the sandwich didn't stay together well with 505 Basting Spray. Puff is too fluffy to hold together with spray baste. The next time I use Puff, I'll definitely pin-baste.

I quilted the entire quilt without marking. In all the print areas I quilted straight lines, not with a walking foot, but a straight Fine Line Ruler.

In the solid white (Kona) spaces, I free-hand quilted a variety of round and curved shapes. 

For styled photos of Metro Waves, I wanted a water view to mimic the waves in the quilt. While an oceanside picture with crashing waves would have been ideal, I wasn't up for a 90 minute drive to the beach, nor the inevitable spring break crowds I would encounter.

So, a bit closer to home these pictures were taken at Lake Sumter Landing in The Villages.

Metro Waves, 53" X 71"
These colors. This design. This style. The quilting. They are all me expressing my best, happy self.

One more water view... of an alligator. While they're commonplace here - a gator in every body of water - when our city is full of northern visitors, a gator attracts a crowd. About 15 golf carts pulled off the path to stop and admire this big boy. He was eight to nine feet long, by our estimation.

I hope everyone found a blessed way to celebrate Easter and our risen Lord Jesus. He is risen indeed! Linda


  1. Your Metro Waves is just gorgeous and I understand your limited palette plan. I think it was the right way to go.

  2. This turned out great and I know your class will love it. The pictures are perfect.

  3. You've outdone yourself yet again, Linda, and you've produced another beauty! I love the colors you finally chose and your manner of quilting really enhanced the overall appeal. Your photos certainly capture it's essence and are gorgeous...picture perfect! They'd make great calendar pages. Have lots of fun teaching this class!

  4. The quilt is just beautiful, and apparently chock full of lessons to be learned! Great location shot.

  5. It's a beautiful quilt and it is just you. Looks like colorful waves peaking in the ocean. Congrats on a beautiful job.

  6. Those colours sure pop! I love this Linda. Well done you!

  7. Congratulations Linda on another gorgeous quilt! I love your color way and like that you went with prints. I'm sure your class will be eager to learn from you! Beautiful photo shoot location too.

  8. One of my favorite quilts that you've done in the modern line. You did a great job on the quilting and the staging for the photographs is just perfect. Your class participants will love it too.

  9. The quilt turned out beautiful Linda. You are quite right a more controlled palette was the answer to all the busyness of before.

  10. The work you did with color selection really paid off!

    They say for every 1" between eyes and snout equal to 1' in length. Also, gators have to be over 4' for Florida Fish and Game to come out and get them from what I understand.

  11. Your quilt came out great and your photo shoot is a winner.

  12. That quilt is absolutely gorgeous, Linda!! I adore the color scheme. :) I hope you are having a blessed April!

    (P.S. I just posted a handful of pictures of my recent quilting's such a beginner project compared to your stunningly gorgeous ones, but I had fun pulling our Stitchin' Mission papers back out and getting the sewing machine humming again. :) Much love!)

  13. Linda this quilt has so much movement it almost looks as if it's waving in the wind! The quilting sets off the curves perfectly! We're back at the mission in south Louisiana and the same thing happens here with our volunteer missioners when they spot a 'gator! blessings, marlene

  14. I just love this quilt Linda! The fabric choices and your quilting are perfect.What wonderful pictures too! I wish that I could see the photos up closer....would you ever consider making some of them XL? Today, I saw my first demo of the ruler while I was at a quilt shop. Fun!

  15. Beautiful. Vibrant colors and quilting that enhances the overall always inspire.



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