Monday, January 5, 2015


My first 2015 post has me looking weeks ahead, anticipating many activities, mostly quilting-related. I named this post "Chockablock" after reading a devotional, by Dr. David Jeremiah, about the original meaning of chockablock, and that many of us now use the term to describe the way we live.
"Block" refers to block and tackle equipment - a set of pulleys with a rope threaded between them. In earlier days, chockablock described what happened when the rope was over extended, causing the blocks to jam together. In time, chockablock came to mean "crammed full" or "jammed tight." 
In this piece, Dr. Jeremiah offers suggestions about how to use all our busy moments and days to serve the Master because our time belongs to Him. We need to make sure we take time "for the most important things." I'm thankful for this reminder. 

While I can't completely put my head around the value of spending time preparing quilts for a show, that's exactly what I did on New Years Day. Two quilts - Bloom and Dandelion Clock will be judged and shown at the Quilting Guild of The Villages (QGOTV) show on Friday and Saturday, January 23-24. And later today, I'll ship two quilts - Ad Libbing and Shapes - to Austin for judging and showing at QuiltCon, Thursday through Sunday, February 19-22. 

As I was preparing my QGOTV quilts, I also began going through the more than 100 quilts I have here in the house. (Yes, I've accumulated many more than 100 quilts in 39 years of quiltmaking!) Since QGOTV has a "Boutique," where guild members are permitted to sell their creations, it's a good opportunity to pass along my older quilts, particularly the ones that no longer suit my tastes. I began by photographing (using the new tripod my hubby gave me for Christmas) and measuring the dimensions of 33 quilts - mostly wall hangings - and then weeded out the faded-looking ones. I have 26 quilts to price. It will be difficult because I know that I often underestimate the value of my work, and I must take into account that 20 percent of the price must be returned: 10 percent to the guild; 7 percent to the state of Florida; and 3 percent if the buyer uses a charge card.

Here are those 26 quilts in one collage. They're a reflection of thousands of hours invested in quiltmaking, including making several that were hand quilted. It will be difficult to part with many of them, but when I stop to think about what I would do with each one, if kept, I imagine them stuffed into pillow cases and stacked in the closet... as they've been since moving here more than two years ago. I can't take them with me! 

Today I begin teaching First Time Quiltmaking again, through the Lifelong Learning College. When the noon to 2 p.m. class filled by early December, another class was added from 2:30 to 4:30... and it also filled. So a total of 42 women will enter the world of quilting! As always, I'm excited to teach. New Year's Eve found me at the College copying hand-outs. Now those are collated, and name tags are ready to go.

Hexies have been in the forefront of my sewing lately as I anticipate teaching two different hexie classes later this year: one on machine-appliquéd hexagons, and the other on English paper-pieced hexagons. Of course, samples need to be made.

On Friday this week, I'm anticipating a visit by Kelly (Instagram @sewkellysews) who lives in the Pensacola area. She's a young mom of four, founder of the Emerald Coast MQG, and a Jamberry Nails consultant.

I'm hosting a Jamberry party - mostly so I can learn first-hand the proper way to apply and remove these peel-and-stick nails, but also to introduce my friends to this neat way to get beautiful nails at home. Those are my nails in the photo. I did them myself, and think they look pretty. If you're not familiar with Jamberry Nails, go here where you can also place an order if you wish. Just use the pull-down menu to indicate my party.

Kelly's also bringing some of her modern quilts for a show and tell, so this should be a good time! The best part is getting together with friends. I wish all of you could come.

Though I'm already feeling a little bit "whoa," I'm also very thankful that I'm excited about and able to participate in these activities. Looks like I'll be "motorin'" through January, doesn't it? Just like our cute little grandson, Luke, who will be one year old tomorrow! Happy birthday cutie-pie!

And talk about anticipation for what 2015 has in store!

I'm making a few things to take to QuiltCon, including a backpack for myself. Yep, my life is chockablock... and I couldn't be happier about it. Linda


  1. Phew- I'm tired just hearing about all that quilt handling, measuring, packing, etc. Plus the copying. There's a great deal that goes on "behind the scenes" to prep for quilt shows and quilt class. I know what you mean about the growing pile of quilts and just what to do with them. That may be one reason I work in a smaller format lately. Jamberry nails? how pretty.

  2. What a lovely group of quilts you have to sell. Only quilting for 2 years, I can't imagine having so many finished things. I love the Roman Stripe and especially the Ocean Waves. I just finished an Ocean Waves top recently. Sadly it is a gift, I think it will be hard to part with! :)

  3. Actually I want to ask what quilting you did in the colored triangles on the Ocean Waves. Was it just SITD? I have already decided to do feathers in the border and in the black squares, but I'm torn about how to quilt the colored triangles. I'm on my phone and can't see the quilting on yours too well.

  4. You are so inspiring. Hope you have a great time with Kelly and good luck with the class. I know they will love it.

  5. Busy, busy! I know you'll enjoy every minute!

  6. Your collage of quilts to sell look lovely and so varied. I think it's hard to decide what to charge. I have only sold 2 of my baby quilts and it was spur of the moment. I know I undervalued them, but it was a friend of a friend. Your January looks very busy, but lots of fun in store. Have not seen those nails before. Need to go check it out.

  7. I love it when life it chockablock, at least if I get a bit of a breather once in a while. Looking at the mosaic of quilts you want to sell, I can clearly see how much your style has changed. But no doubt it will be hard to let them go. Good luck with your new student; I know they are in for a treat having you as a teacher.
    PS: your cutie-pie is adorable.

  8. You are amazing, my friend! There's no way that I could do what you do.I had no idea that you had that many quilts on hand....are you thinking of selling any on IG? Maybe you could even open up an Etsy shop. Hope your teaching day went smoothly, Linda.

  9. Yes, amazing is a good word for you Linda. Laughed when I noticed the countdown at the end of your post. I ship my quilt out tomorrow.

  10. Have you given thought to maybe giving your readers first chance at buying one of those beauties? Those are absolutely gorgeous and I'm betting some of us might be willing to take some of them off your hands for you. Of course that always depends on the price but it might be worth a try before they go to the show for sale.

  11. I love reading about everything you have going on. :D Good luck with all the fiddly work of pricing everything - I'm sure it's not easy! I would love to teach beginning quilting. Hopefully I can start into that when Marissa's finished school. For now, her Mom-attention needs in the afternoons/evenings are almost as intense as a toddler's. And that's OK - just three more terms before this part of our life is gone forever. :)

  12. Love that I will get to see your quilts at QuiltCon--woohoo!! And I love this post--lots of great reading and ideas of things to think about. I enjoy reading about how you have chosen activities to bring into your life and to give you purpose, as well as sharing with other. You are an inspiration!

  13. Linda, the first quilt, the roman stripes, I think I know! :-)

  14. One of my daughters is enamored with Jamberries Linda. She even gave them to two of our granddaughters for Christmas and they were a big hit. :) I used to try to keep up with how many quilts and wallhangings I've made. The number got too high so now I just try to keep pictures. I don't have that many at home though. My kids seem to want everything I make! blessings, marlene



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