Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas will be warm, mild and quiet, as we attend a Christmas eve worship service, and then share Christmas day as a twosome - a first for us to be alone.

Hopefully, on FaceTime we'll get to share some of Christmas day with our two children and their families. Here are a few pictures we've recently received.
LJ, 11 months and walking!
Daughter Jill, and 16 year-old Celina
The photo below requires a little background. Our son has always liked a wood-burning fireplace. We had one for all his growing up years, so now as a home-owner himself, a fireplace is what he misses. So, being the ingenuitive engineer he is, he created his own!

The flames and logs - a little difficult to see in this picture - are made of construction paper glued to a cardboard box. Lights give it the glow of warmth. What I like best is how the stockings are hung over the fireplace, warming my heart as much as the clever fireplace. I made all of them.

I've been told the plan is to add on to the fireplace each year, so perhaps next Christmas we'll see a brick front, or a mantel. I can't wait.

And I have to add this photo of our UPS man... like none I've ever seen up north! This is how the men and women in brown travel around The Villages, delivering parcels. He was a good sport to let me take his photo after dropping a box of fabric at my front door. Looks like a fun way to work, doesn't it?

As we celebrate that God sent his Son to show us how to live, and prepare for everlasting life, my sincerest hope is that you and your family share God's gift of love during this holy Christmas. Bless you. Linda


  1. Great photos and very clever fireplace. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and great 2015!

  2. I wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas and hope you won't be too lonely, just the the two of you. At least you get to see and talk to your loved ones with the help of the Internet; What would we do without modern technology? Great fireplace and I love the stockings hanging over it.

  3. I love the fireplace and the UPS guy. :)

  4. Merry Merry Christmas to you ad your family.

  5. Your son is so clever to create his own fireplace. I wish you and your honey a wonderful Christmas together. We are in the same boat - just the two of us. No children to chat with on facetime, though. Our temps are almost Florida-like weather this year. Mid 50's for MO is too hot, but I'll take it!

  6. What a great post! Our first year alone also. Be blessed and enjoy your day together.

  7. Merry Christmas Linda. Looking forward to seeing what creativity springs forth from that box of fabric the UPS guy delivered. (Our delivery method is the same!)

  8. Merry Christmas, Linda. Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing day.

  9. What a lovely post, Linda! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!


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