Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunshine, Rainbows, and Palms

It's been a week since I've posted because we had company for six days. It was tons of fun having two of our closest friends - Jim and Cathy - visit us from Iowa. Our first Iowa house guests!

Because there are so many things to do in The Villages, we were on the go, even renting a second golf cart to get to all our activities. Our comprehensive list of fun included: yoga, tai chi, line dancing, swimming, boccĂ© ball, lunch out, dinner out, and evenings at two of the three squares. It's always good to dance, even if one person doesn't like to dance!
Jim, Dan, Cathy, and me
We've been long-time friends. Dan and Jim met in college in 1973, and Cathy and I got to know each other in about 1984. Here's a throwback picture of us, from 2009, tailgating before a University of Northern Iowa football game. 

While out and about, one evening we came across this stupendous rainbow. The picture doesn't capture the brilliance of it, including the unusually intense indigo color. Really breathtaking.
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
Sewing-wise, before company came, I was able to make two more skirts to complete six consecutive weeks of "Sunday Skirts" that I posted to Instagram. All of them were from the book "The Essential A-Line."

For my fifth skirt I inserted an off-center selvages panel. I'm still a fan of selvage sewing, and was glad to use up a few more. As with every skirt I've made, this one is lined and has an invisible zipper. I call this skirt "Made in Japan" since several of the selvages say that.

Then, thanks to my friend Emma Jansen, a favorite Australian pattern and fabric designer, I made the sixth skirt - two layers, with bias trimmed edges. Emma had been watching my Instagram feed and asked if I'd like to make a skirt using fabric from her Terra Australis 2 collection. Well, of course!

Emma sent three fabrics, and the best use of her pretty prints was this style. See how the bottom layer of the skirt is sewn to the lining? It made up very nicely, and I just love the fabrics.

In a moment of craftiness, also before company arrived, I re-painted this thrift shop $5 pink (?!) palm to hang on the lanai wall.

I'm still a bit crackers about palms, and can name most of the varieties that are grown in this part of Florida. Sunshine, rainbows, and palms... almost paradise. 

Last Wednesday was the fifth and final class of First Time Quiltmaking lessons for these ladies. It's so rewarding for me to share quilting with those who want to learn, and then see the spark of excitement in their eyes as they realize they can make a quilt.

I'll be teaching Beyond First Time Quiltmaking starting Thursday, September 25. If you're local, I'd love to have you join us! For details, click on the "Schedule" tab above. Linda


  1. So glad you had so much fun with your guests and long time friends!! Such a delightful post. Love your new skirts and the pic of your new quilters!! They look like a happy, satisfied bunch.

  2. Your friends will need a vacation after their vacation! You all stayed plenty busy. We've seen some gorgeous rainbows lately, too. Cute skirts. And you've certainly brightened so many lives with quilt making- how lovely.

  3. Is it just me, or does the 2 layered skirt look a bit like orange slices, and thus, another perfect Florida skirt!? It is always fun to catch up with all your latest doings :)

  4. No sunning at the beach? What fun you all must have had....making more memories! I love how you are adding to the quilting boom in Florida, Linda!

  5. So glad you had fun with old friends, the best...

  6. How lovely for you to have your old friends come to stay....old as in long time - not age:-)
    Love your skirts, and your class of ladies look so happy.

  7. You are having way too much fun! Love those skirts- so pretty!

  8. You've been a busy girl! Love the skirts And I'd have left the palm hot pink!
    Great to see some new quilters hooked.

  9. What fun you must have had with your Iowa friends. You two ladies look the same in both pictures -- neither aged a bit. Your hair is shorter that's all. Love your cute skirts too. The selvage one is my favorite. Now who would have painted a palm pink?? Maybe it matched the pink flamingos on their lawn! lol

  10. Glad you had such a great time with Jim and Cathy. I love the skirts, especially the layered one. It is so Linda!

  11. So special to have friends like that. Love the latest two skirts too. Greta name the selvage one.

  12. Okay, since I have three skirts cut out and calling my name upstairs on the sewing table (and which I'm ignoring and reading blogs), I just have to say you are amazing to get to those skirts and get them done so quickly! I love the double-layer skirt--perfect for that fabric, and the selvage "Made in Japan" is a lovely way to show off all those selvages that seem to pile up.

    Glad you had some fun with your long-time friends. That rainbow is beautiful!




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