Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Saturday in Florida

Last Saturday we left "the bubble" and went to Tampa for the day. Our three year-old grandson was invited to a birthday party at Lettuce Lake Park, so we tagged along. While the kids and parents partied, we took a lovely walk on the boardwalk along the Hillsborough River. Tranquil-looking. Yes.
Hillsborough River
But as with all bodies of Florida waters, danger lurks within. This baby 'gator was in shallow water, but he'd just before been on the dock where we were standing. 

The cypress trees and their unusual knees are so interesting up-close. 

A couple other, less harmful creatures were seen sunning themselves.
Common Musk Turtle
Brown Water Snake - not venomous
After our nature walk we went to the party playground to see our grandson enjoying himself. What a thrill, just sliding!

All three year-olds love blue-frosted cupcakes.

Back to quilting. Pictures soon.


  1. What a sweetie . . . gotta love the blue face. Looks like your nature walk was both beautiful and very interesting. I can always do without snakes!

  2. Oh my, your wildlife sightings are little more wild than the deer that I see here!! Love the blue frosting...true story: I made a clown cake with blue hair for my son's first birthday. The next day, his diapers were light blue!

  3. Your grandson is so adorable! He has beautiful eyes! And with that blue beard, I bet he gets into some mischief!

  4. Wow alligators and snakes. How dangerous is that!
    Love the blue icing.

  5. Very cool for a three year old. Glad everyone stayed safe.

  6. You live in a very interesting area of the US with all the wildlife in front of your door step. Love the little guy with his blue cup cake. He must have been buzzing after all those E numbers ;)!

  7. How cute he is with blue cupcake and love the place they had the party but wouldn't like to run into the alligator.
    My six year grandson had his party at Lego land and it was over the top but that is my son and partner. I will have to send you a picture. I always feel so sad that my Jonah can't experience this. Blessings Sandra


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