Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stockings at Thanksgiving

Like the rest of you - at least most Americans - I'm scurrying around, preparing for Thanksgiving company. Though it's my hubby who's doing all the cooking (except for the pies I make), my job is to make the house look it's best. My dad who's from Kansas City, has been on Florida's Gulf coast for the past month and is coming to visit us for six days before heading back to Kansas City. He hasn't yet been to our new house. Our Tampa family is coming for a couple nights too, so we'll have a nice family contingent.

Anticipating a "tear-down" of my sewing room so it can be a temporary second guest room, I've been madly sewing. Last January my son asked if I'd sew Christmas stockings for the three of them. Of course, I've put it off. But when a son asks for something homemade by mom (how seldom that happens!) I'm determined to give him my best.

The stocking pattern I'm using is a big one - 18" long X 11-1/2" from toe to heel. You can download it from PrudentBaby, here. I'm adding a cuff.

I picked three different blocks from my go-to block book "Around the Block With Judy Martin." On the left is Double Pinwheel which is Mom's stocking. Flying Birds is for Austin. These two stockings need to be quilted, have a cuff added to the top, and be sewn together.

But the lettering is ready! Dad's Strength in Union block stocking was the test piece.

A short Skype session gave me the chance to show them this stocking and get their approval.

For those who might be wondering, last Thursday's Modern Quilt Guild meeting went very well! How great to have 14 enthusiastic quilters for our first meeting! Several quilters couldn't make it because they were out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday, but we already have 15 quilters registered for the Madrona Road challenge being offered by Michael Miller fabrics. Read and see more about our meeting on our CentralFloridaMQG blog.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American compatriots. We have many reasons to be thankful. Linda


  1. Lovely stockings Linda. I agree - how often does the family ask for anything home made. It gives you a feeling of happiness doesn't it.

  2. Your stockings are really nice, we love our homemade ones, too! I know your home will be looking great for the family, Linda.
    Good to hear the outcome of your first meeting. I'd sure be attending if we were in your area ~

  3. Lovely stockings. I hope you'll enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  4. Love the stockings. And congratulations on the great turn out of the new modern quilt guild. You're off to a good start with the group. Norma

  5. I've made all my eight grandchildren a redwork Christmas stocking - loved doing that over the years. Now one of them is giving his girl a ring for Christmas so I probably better start another one. Babies are never too terribly far off when wedding bells ring....or maybe I'm just hoping for that first great-grandchild. :) blessings, marlene

  6. They all look great but I think that Dad's is my favourite.


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