Friday, October 26, 2012

Magic Kingdom

Doesn't time get away from you when you have company? Even though our five house guests - our daughter, SIL and three grandies from Kansas City - were here only three nights, it seems like we've been on-the-go more than that. We were thrilled to have them visit though, and I'm glad they could see where we live. We received nice compliments on our house and the decor. I'm still counting my blessings about living here.

During their visit we went to Sumter Landing Market Square for an evening of live music and dancing... 
Celina at the Square
...rode in the golf cart... (Always a treat for grandchildren.)

...watched a little TV... 
Tay and Aesa
...and hung out with Hogan.

We also took the little boys to The Villages firehouse where they received special treatment.

Then, on Monday, for the first time in more than 25 years, we (both our kids, their spouses, and our four grandchildren - ten of us!) went to the Magic Kingdom. Though we think it's changed a lot, some things remain the same.
Austin with Bapa
His little face looked like this through the entire "It's a Small World" ride!

deciding what to do next
part of our caravan
our handful, and then some!

A day in the Magic Kingdom inevitably ends like this... and it wasn't just the children who wanted to be doing this!
Just as the family arrived, so did my new iPhone 5. I'm excited to have it, and especially to sign up for service (Verizon) that actually works where we live. Since my old camera has only 6.3 megapixels, and the iPhone camera has 8.0 megapixels, I used it to take the photos in this post. Some of them are a little fuzzy, but I can definitely blame that on the photographer.

Have you seen the cute iPhone TV commercial featuring the camera's panoramic option? You know. The one with all the kids in costumes, and they're told to "say che-e-e-e (deep breath) e-e-ese." Here's my first try using that feature. Yep, you're looking into our garage. That's Hogan and Celina, and our sidewalk to the front door. I think this photo option will be fun to play with.

The negative about my new phone is that it displays an inaccurate date and time. I woke this morning, October 26, to October 17, 2:58 p.m. An internet search provided info about the problem, and it is a problem. It happens only between an iPhone 5 and Verizon. Each company is blaming the other and there's no fix for it yet. I phoned Verizon to register that I'm one of the unlucky iPhone/Verizon owners who's having such a problem. In the meantime, I've set the date and time manually and will leave it that way. 

I hope that wherever you are, you're living in the present and appreciating every moment! Linda


  1. It certainly sounds as though they were there longer than that, too! What fun! When our kids were small, we used to descend upon the Magic Kingdom en masse every February school vacation!! It's A Small World remains my favorite ride!! Yes, it HAS changed a lot in 25 years, hasn't it?? Glad you had such a fun visit!

  2. So glad you had fun - MK is wonderful thru the eyes of a child - especially a grandchild!

  3. What a wonderful visit. I can't believe how much all the kids have grown. All the boys don't look like babies anymore,and Celina is lovely. It's great to have your kids around you.

  4. What beautiful kids!

    No advice about the phone, though mine occasionally speeds up. I go in to the settings and reset the daylight savings (Of/off again) and change the time zone away and back to mine. That usually fixes it but I'm in Canada and not on Verizon so… Good luck with it!

  5. Love that commercial, and your family pic is wonderful even if it is fuzzy. Always take more than one with the iPhone, it's easy to get fuzz without seeing that you are. Love my iPhone 3 camera...

    Also, admiring your warm photos, it was 36 when I drove to work this a.m., and at the same time Wednesday a.m., it was 76! MIght be part of the reason why I have yet another head cold.

    Have never been to Disney--either land or world.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing the latest photos of those gorgeous little boys, and the very cool and elegant Celina. Welcome to the iPhone club too! I know you'll love it like I do in time (mine is absolutely indispensable in my life). Trying to live in the moment, as you say, but sometimes I can't help wishing I could see into the future:-))

  7. Yay an iPhone. Do you have texting? Fun times at the Magic Kingdom. We are going to take all the kids there to celebrate my big birthday, which I don't want to talk about...

  8. Hi Linda, how nice to have all of your family there and to do once again Disney World. We did it about 35 years ago and hope soon that we can take both of our grandsons. It is difficult to take our daughter anywhere because of her dialysis but something might chance. It was great that you had such a wonderful visit the boys are getting big. Blessings Sandra

  9. Hi Linda! I just started a blog. I was wondering if I could add your blog to a list of blogs I visit. Mine is

    Emily Vardeman


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