Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some of This and That

When the backing fabric for my Great Granny Along quilt top arrived last week, I promptly washed it, pieced it and set to pin-basting. This is the first time I've pin-basted a big quilt in our new house, so I had to make some adjustments. I did it in the garage!

I sure don't regret having moved my favorite hollow core doors! They have so many uses. I was able to get the two white trestle table legs (from Ikea) adjusted to the same height as two sawhorses so the doors made one even surface. I had nice weather for pin-basting, in between waving to neighbors passing in cars and golf carts. 

For those of you following our furniture shopping progress, our living room is done. There's a new clock on the wall, and the recliner and rug are in place. Since we couldn't find a rug at any of the nine or so places we shopped, we bought carpeting from Home Depot that a local man cut and bound for us.

Add this furniture consignment store find, a Tommy Bahama-style cabinet and I'm likin' how this looks. The cabinet is ideal storage for books, travel guides and maps, bible study workbooks, wedding and photo albums, Scrabble, Mexican dominoes, and playing cards that until now have been crammed into the hallway closet.

When the fella delivered the living room rug, I arranged with him to also pick up and deliver (because they wouldn't fit in our car) two 4' X 8' sheets of 3/4-inch thick Owens-Corning insulation. This is the tongue-and-groove style of insulation.
Duct tape is my friend!

It took me only an afternoon to duct tape together two sheets, on both sides; trim 16" from the left side length, and 1" from the top; wrap the whole thing in Hobbs 80/20 batting (secured to the back with duct tape); and wrap the whole thing again with white flannel (also secured with duct tape).

I also made a cutout for the electrical outlet, albeit a bit off kilter. To determine where to cut the opening,  I measured the distance from the wall corner instead of from the baseboard corner. Oops. Still, the whole thing fits snugly between the floor and ceiling, and is held securely by several 3M velcro-type mounting strips. It's a whopping 80-inches by 95-inches of creative play space!

With my hollow core doors now set up in the sewing room around the sewing machine table, and the design wall in place, I'm eager to be productive. I've begun FMQing the quilt, without the aid of the Bernina BSR. This room will be finished if I can ever find a cabinet for fabric, not seen in this photo but sitting out on the left.

quilts in the closet
Did you see my "Ugly" quilt on the sewing room wall? I've used lots of 3M mounting strips to hang seven quilts on walls in our home, with two more quilts on beds, and three on a quilt rack. The remaining 103 quilts I brought in our move are in pillow cases stacked in the guest bedroom closet. Yes, I really do have that many quilts. They're of every size - from miniatures to table runners, pillows and wall hangings, to twin through queen-sized quilts. Twenty-plus of them are earmarked for selling or donating.

It was a happy surprise to receive an email from Angela at CuttoPieces, saying I'd won a giveaway on her blog. What a thrill to receive 22 fat quarters - yowsa! - of Heather Mulder Peterson's "Seaside Cottage" collection from SprightlyFabrics. They're beautiful! You won't be surprised to know I have something in mind for them.

However, there won't be much sewing for the next several days. Our son and his family are with us, intentionally avoiding the high security around their home near the site of the Republican National Convention. While mom and dad work remotely from our house, we're taking care of this cutie...
Austin, 2 years/3 months

... which is just fine by me. Linda


Jeanette said...

Your great granny along quilt looks beautiful. Hugs,

Carla said...

I enjoyed seeing your basting station in the garage, living room and sewing room, Linda. I'm so glad that you figured out a good way to have a movable design clever! One of these days, just the right cabinet will reveal itself to you, I just know it!

Di said...

Such a clever idea for your design wall! I love how your Granny Squares quilt is looking and can't wait to see what you're planning for your newly won fabrics (in your favorite colours, I see).

Elyte said...

Everything is slowly falling into place. Your creative space is taking shape. What a wonderful fabric win, beautiful colours. My, where does the time go, such a handsome grown up little man.

Julia said...

Everything is coming together beautifully your design wall..
I must out to the shed, see what I can use for pin basting my General.
Julia ♥

sandra said...

Well Linda everything seems to be falling into place. Your living room looks wonderful and I love your cabinet. What a good idea for your design wall I can see many more beautiful quilts coming from your quilt room. I love Heather's fabric, did you know she just had a little baby boy he is so cute. Speaking of cute what a sweet little guy I bet you are enjoying him.
I love your granny quilt, I just did a runner because I wanted to try the block out and see if it was easy. Hugs Sandra

Julia said...

Linda, I forgot to say...I can't wait to see how you quilt your Granny squares...I need some inspiration..
Julia ♥

Oops-Lah said...

Love your new living room. So airy and and it definitely has a tropical feel to it. You've been very busy with "building" your design wall and arranging your quilt room, not to mention the sandwiching of your granny square quilt. I'm waiting with bated breath to see how you are are going to quilt it. Is there a reason why you are not using the BSR this time? Have fun with your visitor, especially the littlest one. xx

Kerry said...

What a great looking living room, love your colours. Very airy and summery.
Can't wait to see how you quilt you Granny Squares quilt. You're really starting to settle into your sewing room now.

Pokey said...

Your new furniture is looking good, you fit right in with the "natives" of Florida! I think you'll be glad you went so neutral with your carpet. I seems that it's starting to flow well in the creativity department, ah, the comfort of routine. Hug that lil' guy up!

Deb said...

The living room looks lovely. Great idea for the rug. I like the neat furniture piece as well. Your quilt studio is turning out to be quite nice and you'll love the design wall. Duct tape -- works every time.

blessedspeedy said...

Linda your new home is looking gorgeous
Ive just got home from a large operation and have to relax for a week and came across your granny squares - reckon I could have a go at it so could you please let me know where I can download the pattern

Janet said...

I love your granny quilt and the solution you came up with to baste your quilt. What a fabulous win, the fabrics are gorgeous.

KaHolly said...

Everything is coming together so nicely! Your quilt is just beautiful! Congratulations on winning the FQ's!!

Marie said...

Great design wall idea - I think you just solved my problem. I've been wanting to put one in place but hesitated securing it to the wall but I like the way you 'snugged' your in. That and the hollow doors are a great idea. I have used them for my office desk but didn't think to do the same to creat a large table. Thank you! Have fun with your new fabrics.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

I love your Granny quilt too! I will be a treasure for sure, the colors are delightful.

Your new home is looking it looks as though you are settling in and more having fun creating new projects!


Carrie P. said...

your living room looks great.
Hey! you won something!! Congrats! can't wait to see what you make. Love your granny squares.


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