Thursday, June 21, 2012

Moving, for the Last Time

Life is tripping along. After becoming Villagers, last Saturday we went to the lobby of the sales office to be photographed next to the new resident "Welcome" board. For three days our name and home state were displayed alongside those of 41 other new residents. All of us purchased a home in The Villages on Thursday and Friday, June 14 and 15. That kind of growth, especially in these economic times, is amazing. At our closing we were welcomed as The Villages newest residents, and promptly told that we would hold that position for about a half hour!

Finally, we're close to wrapping up more than 50 days of being "homeless" - living in a place other than our own. We've slept in six different beds during those days!

So how do you like our new living room? Nice set-up huh? Since the furniture we've ordered may not arrive for several weeks, we're grateful that our sales agent gave us this thank-you gift of lime green bag chairs! Eventually, that little TV will be in my sewing room.

Only the breakfast nook table and chairs we selected were in stock. I love them! They look so fresh. Definitely need to buy a rug for under that table though.

Thinking of Hogan, I purchased this faux leather storage bench through the local Craigslist.

With a decorative slipcover over it - one I'll make to coordinate with the sewing room - it will serve the double purpose of being storage for quilting supplies, and a resting and neighborhood monitoring spot for Hogan.

After a too short couple of days spent going to admire our house a few times, this week we've been in Kansas City. We returned to retrieve our belongings from our daughter's garage where they've been stored since early May. We're also spending time with grandchildren, though we're missing Celina because she's is away at camp this whole week.

Tay (32 months) and Aesa (19 months)
While in Kansas City I made a point of shopping at Hy-Vee one more time. That's so I could stock up on - of all things - popcorn! When I discovered that the Florida grocery store stocked only one brand of old-fashioned popping corn, and that one-pound bag was $4.99, I knew it was imperative that I import some Hy-Vee popcorn to Florida! In a stroke of luck, Hy-Vee popcorn is on sale this week. I paid only $2 apiece for these six, four-pound bags. They should last until we have Midwest visitors who can bring me more. (Hint, hint.)

This week's fun ended today as we went to work on a hot afternoon. Yep. We rented another 16-foot moving truck, and spent a couple hours loading it. Everything fit just fine.

Early Friday morning we're taking off for The Villages again, but only after more tearful hugs for our dear Kansas City family. We don't anticipate seeing them again until October! 

Heading south, we'll be a mini caravan as he drives the truck followed by me driving the car with my front seat companion, Hogan. If all goes smoothly, by Saturday evening we'll arrive at our new house in The Village of Sanibel. 

Our Tampa family will meet us to help unload the truck and spend the rest of the weekend with us as we begin to get settled. Though I haven't moved for a long time, I remember these feelings of having much to do and wanting to get it all done as soon as possible!

Next week we're having our master bedroom closet custom-organized, and our water tested. I'll also be shopping for bathroom accessories, bedding and rugs. And I have some wood furniture to paint. We've brought with us a quilt rack, plant stand, storage bench and rocking chair that I'd like to change from wood stain to off-white paint. Oh, and do I ever want to sew! Guess you know pretty much everything that will be keeping me busy for a while! Linda


  1. Nice to catch on happenings with you moving in to the new home. Look forward to reading more. Hugs,

  2. I'm feeling very excited for you, it must be such a wonderful feeling to be settling in such a welcoming place. I can't wait to see how each room comes together please be sure to blog your progress, I love to peek at how others live!!

  3. Oh my goodness. What excitement and so much to do. Happy birthday to your boy. Lovely u making such great and welcoming friends. Just love the colors for the cart - you know what a blue girl I am. Every good wish for tomorrow and much love from us here

  4. I'm praying for safe travel today and for strength. Can't wait to see how things look in your new house - how exciting!

  5. Have a safe trip and I look forward to seeing some beautiful new quilts. You must be so excited!

  6. Oh my gosh..everything is so beautiful and clean and white and NEW! I am so happy for you and hubby and Hogan. I have those same white chairs in my kitchen, just different upholstery.

  7. Such happy times for you two! You are going to love the pleasure of new decorations. You know you can keep popcorn in the freezer, right? I complain about $3.50 a bag, but $4.99 is pricey!

  8. Drive safely prayers and blessings go with you on your trip. Will be looking forward to seeing the finished place. Blessings Sandra

  9. Safe journey to you! I look forward to your upcoming posts about 'moving in'. What a blessing to have new furniture for your new home. Travel in peace.

  10. love the photo of hogan up on his new "seat" - can't wait to see the photos of your moving in progress :)

  11. You both look so happy. Very exciting for you, and it's lovely to see inside your new home. Please Keep those blogs coming whilst you decorate. Those wee boys are gorgeous!

  12. Tay and Aesa could pass as twins!! I can't believe Asea is that old now!!
    Wow - a new start, just as you dreamed. I am SOOOOO happy for you, my friend!
    Love the dining setting...and I have to get me some of those funky lime green chairs. ;-)
    Enjoy the drive 'home', and be sure and pray God's blessing through every room.

  13. The Village of Sannibel? Are you going to live on Sannibel Island?



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