Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Post About Anna

Actually, this post is "All About Anna." That's the pattern name for the bag I just made. A couple months ago I won the pattern in a giveaway hosted by the designer, Stephanie at Loft Creations.

Instead of making mine with a charm pack - I'm not a typically a charm pack buyer - this comes from stash. "Hometown" by Sweetwater is the feature fabric on the outside pockets. There's also a bit of Central Park, Denyse Schmidt fabrics (Picnic, Fairgrounds, Aunt Edna) Juicy Blooms, Castle Peeps, Sunkissed, Metro Living and Moda Marble.

I modified Stephanie's pattern to suit my need for pockets. By my way of thinking, a bag can't have too many pockets. First, I put pockets on the outside front and back.
tote back
On the inside I added a second pocket. The one at top is called for in the instructions. The one opposite (on the bottom), is another, larger one with a stitching line so I can have a place to put a pen and pencil. I also interfaced the inside pockets. On the bottom you see a base I made, for stability. It's a piece of foam core covered with fabric.

In this close-up you can see two things I want to point out. The decorative button closure is actually two buttons. I first sewed a sew-through gray button to the bag, and then sewed the aqua shank button on top of it. That's called improvisation. The button I wanted to buy was $5.95! Also, my city's name appears in the fabric. "Des Moines." It's entertaining to read all the cities listed. My editor/proofreader nature came to bear when I discovered the letter "v" missing for the city name "Spring Gro e."
Thanks for the pattern Stephanie! I'm already using this! Linda


  1. Fabulous bag, Linda, very versatile, particularly with the added pockets. I love your choice of fabrics. :)

  2. Is there anything you don't do?? What a great looking bag!

  3. Linda, love your bag and I still have a little smile on my face seeing you sewing bags! ;-)

  4. Lovely work Linda. Perfect for spring.

  5. I love the bag pattern itself, and the fabrics a really make it look crisp and smart. Great button.

  6. Love the bag. Just making one similar for myself.:-)

  7. The bag is beautiful. I am also a pocket person and would have added pockets as you did. Love the fabrics.

  8. Nice bag Linda and nice pattern too- I like the name too ,, Hancocks of Paducah is one of my favorite on line shops . I have bought from them a number of times. Congratulations to your winners.
    Warmest regards,

  9. This is such a cute bag! I love looking at creative bags but I don't enjoy making them. Maybe I just haven't found the right pattern yet...



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