Monday, February 27, 2012

Backing, Basting and Blather

My frugal German upbringing plagued me while I looked online for eight yards of clearance or sale yardage for the back of my Friendship Medallion quilt. Underwhelmed by options I came across, my inherent thrifty nature came through and I decided to make a back from my stash. Since I also had some extra half-square triangles, and some "oops blocks," it seemed most practical to use up what I already have. 

Piecing and stripping for a few hours, I managed to make this 92" X 100" backing. I used all the Kona white I have left, so that's now on my must-buy list. Since trying to "go modern" with my quiltmaking, I've used at least ten yards of Kona white.

That row of red and white parallelograms was created from all my oopsie pieces. Here's where I confessed that mistake. They work. And don't I feel extra thrifty!?

After much time spent pin-basting, here are the three quilts ready for quilting. Every one-inch safety pin I own is in these quilts! Top to bottom, they are: Circle of Geese; Disappearing Four-Patch; and Friendship Medallion. Now to get myself down to my basement sewing room for some quality quilting time and book-listening.

Just to prove that it's still winter in Iowa, last week Mother Nature showed off, dropping four inches of heavy, wet snow in Central Iowa. Oddly enough, we'd just put our patio furniture back out on the back deck because it has been mild.

But it was a pretty snow, sticking to the tree limbs like it did. 

The snow's gone now, but for a bit, our yard was looking pretty.

For those who commented, asking whether I found good homes for my needlework pieces, in the previous post... No. No one has expressed interest in them. They've been on Craigslist for nearly two weeks now. I'm steeling my heart for the moment I donate them to the Hospice of Central Iowa Thrift Store, a very nice retail shop I hope will appreciate having them to sell. 

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  1. Love what you made for the backing. Great idea. Hugs,

  2. Love your friendship Medallion backing, especially the pieced in Oops blocks. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.

  3. The back looks as fun as the front! I just had a thought about your needlework...I wonder if there is a nursing home or assisted living facility that would like them to decorate their halls? I noticed beautiful work when visiting a friend's mother recently...just an idea.

  4. fabulous backing idea Linda - and love those ooopsie blocks! also love the snow photos - thanks :) we've had the worst summer ever - its been raining for three days now !

  5. Great job on the backing - feels good to use stuff up - I know!

  6. Hi Linda - just wanted to know I've given you a Liebster Award !

  7. What a great idea. The pieced and colorful back is a good fit to such a wonderful top. Can't wait to see how you quilt it. I'm glad you've had some time for sewing lately.


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