Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stitchery-Lovers' Alert

I've noted on others' blogs that January seems to be the month for getting oneself organized. Here in Iowa, winter's snow and extreme cold would normally keep me happily ensconced in my sewing area. Instead we've been experiencing unusually mild and record-setting weather, like a high of 62C/16C last Thursday! Still, everything I need to do is indoors, so I've still committed myself to doing some knee-deep purging and reorganizing.

Removing the lids of bins of craft supplies, yarn, smocking fabrics, orphan quilt blocks, Hardanger embroidery, and counted cross-stitch UFOs has nearly been my undoing! It's been appalling to find and count the incomplete needlework pieces that have been languishing for a dozen or more years. They're a testament to how my interests have changed.

Hopefully you'll find this is to your advantage. You see, I'm giving away these UFOs to anyone who will love them as much as I once did.

If you'd like one of these UFOs for yourself, or will give it to someone you know who loves needlework, and do your best to finish the piece, all you have to do is comment and tell me the number or name of the project you want. I'm offering them first-come, first-serve. The postage is on me.

Update: I knew that interest in these projects would come from people in Australia and New Zealand, but I didn't expect that so many would come from there. Due to the high cost of postage - certainly more than each project is worth - I find myself needing to change this giveaway to US commenters only. Please forgive my change of heart. Thanks for your understanding.

In no particular order, these are the eight incomplete projects I want to give away.

Project 1 - Colorwheel Square This is no longer available. 
This is counted cross-stitch with a few other stitches worked in too, per the included instructions. The design area already stitched measures about 3-3/4" square. Twelve floss colors come with this piece.

Project 2 - Hardanger Table Runner This is no longer available. 
There was a time when I was heavily into Hardanger embroidery, even winning a couple blue ribbons at the Iowa State Fair. This is a Hardanger table runner started in the mid-80's. Though the picture shows the 22-count Aida cloth as gray, it's really more of a "Williamsburg" blue. (How many of you remember that trendy color!?)

The design area already stitched measures 26" X 13". The person who gets this will need to do the cutwork part of Hardanger.

The perle cotton needed to stitch this is DMC #809, sizes 5 and 8. One ball of #809 size 8 is included in the bundle, along with the book.

Project 3 - Reindeer Ornaments This is no longer available. 
At one time I made Christmas ornaments every year. I guess I didn't finish the one planned for this particular year... in about 1990.

One reindeer design, 3" X 3" is stitched and only needs the glass beads (included in the bundle) added to his antlers. Another of the same reindeer design has been started, and is included, as is the book to make this and other ornament designs.

Project 4 - Christmas Village This is no longer available.
Oh, don't I still love this! It's a Stoney Creek Design called "The Village Tree." It's stitched over two threads of 28-count white Oslo, perhaps? The area already stitched - with metallic threads in the ornaments, I might add - measures 6-1/2" X 8." No DMC floss comes with it, but you get the book. This one will be a really pretty finish.

Project 5 - Serenity Prayer This is no longer available. 
I started "Serenity Prayer" in the 1990's. The area already stitched measures 10" X 11" and is all half-cross stitches. It's stitched on 28-count Aida cloth over two threads. DMC floss for finishing it isn't included, but the book is.

Project 6 - Silent Night
Still love this one too, but my eyes can't see to stitch on 18-count black Aida as well as they once did. It's another Stoney Creek design called "Silent Night." The area already stitched measures 5-1/2" X 7-1/2". No DMC floss comes with this, but you get the book.

Project 7 - Easter Eggs
At one time I annually put up an Easter egg tree. I have lots of smocked ornaments for it, and I guess I intended to add some counted cross-stitch ones too!

Both of these Easter eggs have been stitched and only need finishing... to be sewn around a styrofoam egg (not included in the bundle). I've included the ribbon and pins I meant to use to decorate the eggs. The pattern book comes with this, of course.

Project 8 - Winter Pines This is no longer available.
Quite honestly, this may be the piece no one wants! It's very fine stitching - a variety of stitches - done with silk thread. I took a workshop with Catherine Robinder (now deceased) in 1992 to make this "Winter Pines" Japanese-themed piece. The area already stitched measures 1" X 2-1/8". The bundle comes with instructions and silk threads. The piece is mounted on an 11" stretcher frame, so for that reason - the size and weight of the frame - I'd prefer to give or mail this to someone closer to Iowa. Thank you for understanding that.

After seeing these - my once insane interest in needlework - you might figure out that at one time I owned a shop, "The Stitchery Niche,"where I primarily sold counted cross-stitch patterns, fabrics, floss and supplies. For several years, from 1980-1983, the shop was in the upstairs of an old farmhouse (since torn down) on the north side of Altoona, Iowa. It was my hobby business when I was a young mom with five and one year-olds.

I hope that offering these UFOs doesn't offend you... like you're getting my cast-offs. Rather, I couldn't bring myself to trash the hours of stitching already in, what I consider, lovely pieces. Giving them to you, to a good home, would make me very happy.

Please leave a comment stating the number and/or name of the piece you want. I'll be in touch to get your snail-mail address. Thank you! Linda


  1. I don't want a UFO but did want to say well done on having a sort out and passing forward what you won't finish. They will bring joy to someone else.

  2. I would love # 3 and # 1, in that order, in case you have lots of requests and need me to choose one.

  3. Totally not my thing, but good for you to clean and looks like you've got a bit of work into all those, so I hope that someone finishes them up!

  4. Hi Linda,
    I am working on the covered bridges that you sent me , slowly....
    if you don't get any other takers I would love to have a go at 5 and 4 (in that order) - but don't want to be greedy as you ahve already gifted me with stitching

  5. I would try to finish 3 or 4 (in that order)

  6. Hi Linda

    Great idea to give your projects to someone else to finish and cherish. As I only do hand stitching using the thicker Perle No5 thread, (blame my big fat fingers) I am not putting my hand up for any of your treasures. Good opn you for having a clean out, and I am sure that these items will find new homes.

  7. I would love to have Stoney Creek 4 and 6. They are work but beautiful when done. Thanks.

  8. oh I would love just any of them !!!! So very generous of you. cheers Teri
    p.s. I promise I would finish it if I was lucky enough to get one !!

  9. think you and i are related???????? i have a cazillion unfinished projects. some are very old and these ancient eyes that can't survive without tri-focals do not enjoy trying to cross-stitch, hardang or many other dang things anymore!! good luck to anyone who gets your beautiful ufo's! now, if i could just get organized enough to do what you've done! have a great day

  10. I would love number 7. The Easter eggs look beautiful. Do I need some of somebody elses UFOs? probably not, but these look very finishable.
    This is a great way to rehome things rather than throwing them out. Thanks for the opportunity.My only problem is that I live in Australia. Postage might be too expensive.

  11. Good for you to get it all organized, and recognizing what you can part with. It is so freeing...I need to do that! I'm not requesting any of your beautiful items, but I'm just sending encouragement along ~

  12. If it's still available, Linda, I would love the #8 - Winter Pines!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I love the look of the before photo of all the projects scattered about. That's about what my sewing room looks like now. If you still have #5 I love that one. That prayer is one of my favorites. Have fun purging. That's what I need to do, and soon before I can't get the door shut!

  15. What a Good idea! That you kept these stitcheries for such a Long time shows, that you really loved them. Hope they get new homes and finishes.

  16. What a lovely giveaway. I am an Aussie and totally understand how high the postage costs are. They are even worse from here to the U.S- I paid over $17 each for several parcels to go there for Xmas, and if they are over a lb in weight- 454 grams- there is a "$9" surcharge for security checks. It is quite ridiculous. Sandy. :)

  17. Great idea to put these on your blog, Linda. I'm still destashing the slow way, but might eventually resort to this option as well. I love the way it means that you know who has your per-loved projects, and you know they will be truly appreciated. Perhaps we de-clutterers should start a new adage 'she who dies with the 'least' fabric/ufos wins' Lol.

  18. Those are beautiful needlework, Linda!! I want to let you know I did receive your email, and had replied to you using my gmail account because I can't send emails using my regular email account till later this week. ;)

    You are a loving and generous lady - may God bless you tremendously.

  19. Oh, Linda...what beautiful work! I'm so glad that you are finding 'good homes' for your lovlies!

  20. It's always so affirming to see the UFO's of others! It means I'm not so different afterall!! Congrats on your win at Loft Creations!! You ARE a winner, see? I love the bag pattern. ~karen

  21. Is project 1 still available? I'll be shocked if it is. I really like that one!


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