Thursday, September 1, 2011

My "One Block Over" Block Tutorial

Since September is "my month," today is the day that 11 of my fellow One Block Over block-makers receive a parcel from me. They're getting fabric and instructions for making a strip-scrappy block adapted from here.

Here's the tutorial for making these blocks. I'm happy to share it with you too!

Paisley Panache, High Society Collection by Anthology
The only thing you won't get in this tutorial is the fat quarter of fabric I mailed with their instructions! They'll use this Paisley Panache print to choose color-coordinating scrappy strips.

I recommend choosing:

  1. a favorite multi-colored print
  2. strips to coordinate with it
  3. background fabric
When you're finished making the blocks, you can decide how to use the multi-colored print as: additional blocks, sashing or borders.

To make three blocks approximately 8" X 12-1/2" (unfinished), cut:
  • 3 - 8" X 14-1/2" rectangles for background
  • 3 - 1-1/2" to 3" wide strips, at least 16" long
Align a ruler along the length of one background piece, allowing at least 1" of fabric on each edge. Cut.

Sew to insert your selected stash strip between the two background pieces. 

Press seam allowances toward the print strip. Trim to remove strip ends.

In random widths from 1½” to 3”, cut straight across the width of the fabric to make 5 to 6 short strips.

Repeat the previous steps with your two remaining background rectangles and two different print strips. For greater interest, change the angle of the first rotary cut of each background piece.

In a pleasing side-by-side arrangement, mix the short strips to make three blocks. Note that I've aligned the strips along the bottom edge. When laid side-by-side, and before sewing, my blocks ranged from 14" to 16" across.

Variety is good! Two rectangles have six strips; one rectangle has seven.

Sew along the short sides to join the strips. Press seams open as shown.
back view
front view
Trim only to straighten the uneven strips. Don't do any squaring-up... yet. 

To be completely honest, I haven't made any more than these three blocks. But I do know I'll make more sets. It will be fun to see the variety of scrappy prints in the blocks I receive from my One Block Over buddies. At that point, I'll decide how I'm going to put them all together. I've got several ideas in mind and I'll be sure to let you know. Linda


  1. I like it! For some reason, it reminds me of a modern version of Streak of Lightning. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the blocks.

  2. I received my fabrics yesterday... now to decide what to supplement with!

  3. This is such a cool idea, it is going to make an awesome quilt!

  4. What a really cool technique!! Can't quite picture what the whole thing will look like - I'll be surprised!

  5. Very cool! and happy anniversary! (late)

  6. Oh I can't wait to see that finished! I love the blocks! AWESoME!

  7. yay, i'm so glad you are doing this technique, too! it makes for a super fun quilt.

  8. Clever, clever! I can see lot of FMQ opportunity on the solid portions! :)

  9. very cool! you make it look easy!

  10. Não sei eu gostei foi de seu bloco ou da passagem de salmos que me faz lembrar que..
    "Como a palmeira florescerá o justo"
    Obrigado pelo tutorial e que Jesus continue a florescer na tua vida!Um abraço do Brasil !


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