Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Whole Lot of Quiltin' Goin' On

In between bouts of frigid temperatures - so cold I can't bring myself to spend much time in my basement sewing room - I've been FMQ (Free Motion Quilting).

I've been quilting two identical "Jungle Friends" quilts, but only one of them is completely finished. 
Jungle Friends 32" X 49"
They're both quilted with "invisible" thread on top.

The bobbin thread is white, Aurifil 50-weight, my favorite piecing and machine-quilting thread.
For backing, this abacus print at half price couldn't be passed up.

Two mission quilts are quilted. These are for children in a South African orphanage.

One of my favorite quilting designs is all over snail-trail circles. It's a good FMQ warm-up after being away from it for a while.

Again, there's invisible thread on top and cotton thread in the bobbin.

Patches are 6" X 6" (finished) squares of assorted left over fabrics from other kids' quilts I've made.
Quarry Stone quilt, 48" X 60"
 This quilt is the Stitchin' Mission Noah's Ark pattern, but made larger by the addition of a border.
Noah's Ark quilt, 48" X 60"

The border was fun to play around with. Below is a picture of the back.

I'm looking forward to the day our temperatures get above freezing. The only good thing about FMQ in a chilly basement is that the garden gloves I put on for quilting also help keep my hands warm!

It's been too long since I offered a laugh. Here's a one-liner from my good friend Di, at Snippets 'n Scraps.
A dyslexic man walks into a bra...


  1. Great quiting, I especially love the detail added to the animals!

  2. Your quilting is impressive! Do you sew really fast to stay warmer!!
    (I'm trying to figure out that joke!)

  3. Great quilting Linda. Love the Jungle Friends quilt and the Stitchin' Mission quilts are grea. Such simple effective patterns.
    Have to say we are enjoying beautiful sunny weather in the South Island of NZ while the North has been battered by wind and rain.
    Keep warm.

  4. I love the Jungle Friends quilt and your quilting is great! Hope you warm up soon. Sure seems like winters are getting longer to me but I'm sure that's because I'm getting older and don't appreciate the cold temps much!

  5. I think the jungle quilt is great. Is it from a book? Can you tell me which one?

  6. Talk about BuSy, you are amazing! The zoo animals quilt is so very cute! I was admiring your quilt lines on it. The others are wonderful, "good works" quilts, Linda! Matthew 5:16
    blessings, pokey

  7. So bright and cheerful. The mission quilts are great. The one with all the animals is very eyecatching, and will make a small child very happy.


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