Thursday, October 21, 2010


This week finds me, unexpectedly, with time for sewing, so there's been no grass growing under my feet! I've been in my basement sewing space during every free moment, and have a couple things to share. 

First, I made another Marie-Madeline Studio Route 66 skirt. I think this is the sixth one I've made. It's so satisfying to visit a quilt shop and have a reason to select some pretty cottons for a skirt. And yes, I've really gotten into wearing a skirt! That's also entailed shopping for tights and shoes - boots are next. Personally, I'm finding it very challenging to select the "right" combination of tights color and shoe style. After all, I'm far from being a teenager who can carry off an anything-goes look! 
Self-image, in the full-length bathroom mirror.
After considerable sketching and stewing, I cut out more bright fabric pieces and arranged the sawtooth star blocks into this 42" X 42" quilt top. It will be for our newest grandson who's due to arrive in less than three weeks.
Toothy Jungle Stars
I'm pleased with the bright colors and arrangement. Did you notice the tone-on-tone white print with the dots in it? It's a fabric I found at Sue's Fabric World, a vendor from New York who was at the recent AQS show here in Des Moines. Since I found the jungle print at the AQS show too, I'm pleased that my purchases have been put to quick use.
Today I'll be layering, basting and, hopefully, starting to quilt this one. There's still no time for watching that grass grow under my feet!


  1. I really like the polka dot background fabric!

  2. You look very nice in your skirt and I think you could indeed carry off anything!

    The quilt is great - love the polka dots in the background.

  3. You did a great job matching shoes and tights. A very cute skirt.
    Fun quilt.

  4. Never seen such a lovely huge polka dot fabric - its great and just perfect for the job. Love the skirts too. You look very well Linda.

  5. Love the skirt Linda. I too have made, over the past couple of years, some gored skirts. I think it is a very flattering style. Love the different panels.
    Have to now make an apron for the Quilt Show I am involved in. All the committee wears a different apron each year.

  6. I love your new Route 66 Skirt! I love all of the skirts you have made and should try the pattern sometime!


  7. Hi Linda,

    hmmm.. I don't know what just happened, I just typed this in and it didn't come out.

    I have an idea for your boots problem. I think that what you need is a nice pair of long black boots (i.e. approximately knee length). They will go with everything, because they're black, AND because of the length of your skirts, the hem of the skirt will cover the top of your boots, so the stockings won't be an issue!

    How is your candied hexagons going?

  8. Love the skirt look lovely..very chic!
    Love the quilt too
    Julia ♥

  9. I think you're going a *great* job of co-ordinating your skirts!!!

    The new quilt is adorable and yes, I did notice the background fabric. Love it. You have an eye for fabric selection.

  10. The baby quilt is looking so cute...great fabric choices. Your skirt wardrobe is to drool over, my dear!

  11. I love your new skirt, and well done on finishing the top of your new grandbaby quilt.

  12. Hi Linda, another great skirt. I love the white dots on the background fabric and I'm glad you found the jungle animals. What a darling quilt for the new grandbaby. Sounds like you've been a very busy lady lately.

  13. I love that skirt you are in...I sew clothes for myself too at times...I really love star quilts, so I enjoyed seeing that too. I hope we get to know each other.

  14. Lovely skirt, and what a nice quilt for your new little one. Great work, you have been busy!



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