Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hand Quilting

My daily dose of quilting included spending a couple hours at a hand quilting frame. This Hinterberg frame is set up at my church where Hope Quilters is working on this Amish quilt. I've discovered that hand quilting at a frame is more challenging than using a hoop. I like to take quilting stitches toward myself--not always possible sitting at a frame. Guess I'm really a lap hoop gal. 

On my top hand I use a Roxanne's thimble. It weighs more than a regular sewing thimble, but it's custom-sized to fit my finger.

Do you know the test to determine if a thimble is the correct size for you? Put a thimble on your middle finger, then flick your hand. If the thimble flies off, tah-tah, it's not meant for you. 

My favorite under-hand gadget is this red-handled spoon, TJ's Quick Quilter. Gayle Ropp who owns the company is a friend, but that's not the reason I like her spoon. I like it because it helps me take small stitches. The blunt nose creates hills and valleys onto which I can easily feed stitches.

Hold the spoon with a fist putting your thumb into the spoon bowl. Touching the bottom of the quilt, slide the nose forward and backward while your top hand rocks the needle. It works for me! 

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