Monday, March 30, 2015

Sewing Little Shorts

With summer coming, several novelty prints sitting in the fabric cupboard, and an upcoming visit to grandchildren, it was time to get sewing shorts for four very special little boys. 

Using my DanaMadeIt Kid Short pattern - it's turning out to be a good investment for all the times I've used it - I assembly-lined sewed, mostly using my serger.

Then, instead of adding one of my scratchy FlourishingPalms labels to identify which is the back, for easy dressing, I used a loop of bias tape. In the case of brothers who will have shorts made with the same "Big Hero 6" print, I coded the loop colors. Their mom started color-coding them when they were too little to talk. Tay has always been blue; Aesa has always been green.

Brothers Austin and LJ are getting the pirate (skull and crossbones) print and University of Texas camo print. Theirs are sizes 8 and 18 months.

Tay and Aesa, who are just 13 months apart in age, get sizes 6 and 4. It was a pleasant sewing weekend.

A bit of interesting information... the golf cart we just traded-in didn't have an odometer, so we could only estimate, based on the frequency of needing to fill it with gas, how many miles we drove it each week. The new golf cart has an odometer. In just six days we put 126 miles on it! Linda


  1. What a clever and lovely Granny you are. :-)

  2. The boys are going to love them!
    I have never driven a golf cart but they look like fun!

  3. You find the best fabrics! They'll love the new shorts. Cute.

  4. The shorts are darling and I know all the boys will love them. I hope to have a grandy or two to sew for someday. Love your new golf cart! It's so fun and so you. Enjoy it.

  5. You are such a good Grammie! The boys will be delighted.

  6. You are a woman of such varied talents.

  7. Oh sewing for grandies is such fun, isn't it!! They will love these shorts, Linda.



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