Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Next Generation

Please indulge my grandmotherly pride and allow me to share the latest photos of our three grandchildren.
Austin, age 5 months, in Florida
Tay, 12 months, in Kansas
Celina, age 11/sixth grade, with Tay.
You might notice the baby chain above Celina's head. She made it to represent the number of weeks remaining until her new little brother's arrival. You can see only a few weeks remain. The baby is expected by c-section on Monday, November 8. Everyone is doubtful that he'll wait that long to make his appearance. Jill, who is still coping with a separated pelvis, feels he has "dropped," and she's having occasional contractions. My husband and I continue to take turns spending four to six days with them each week, helping with Tay. Last week Tay made his first sick-baby visit to a doctor where we learned he had a virus as well as a double ear infection.
Tay and Jill
Jill's cautioned me to have my "go" bag ready for a "quick" three-and-a-half hour drive to their house, should the baby decide to make an early appearance. Because Jill's a high risk delivery, if contractions are seven minutes apart, she's to get to the hospital ASAP. All this has been much cause for prayers. My sincere thanks to those of you who have been praying for this family.

In spite of being sick, Tay's happy-go-lucky attitude comes through in this short video of baby babble. 

I still have quite a few jokes received as comments during my June giveaway. This cute one-liner comes from my dear friend, Di, in Darling Point (Sydney) Australia.

A peanut walks into a police station to make a complaint claiming he was a salted.


  1. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. I love Tay's babble, it is delightful! Keeping you all in my thoughts for a safe delivery!

  3. They're gorgeous! Tay sounds like he's saying "yum yum". I'm sure you're packed and ready to go. I know you're so thankful that they are living so much closer.

  4. You have 3 gorgeous grand children Linda and look forward to meeting another one soon. Best wishes to you all.

  5. Your grandbabies are beautiful Linda- Children are such wonderful gifts - My little ones at school are always fun even when they are having a hard day.
    Hope your new one decides not to come to early.. Sending warm thoughts to you and yours,

  6. What beautiful grandchildren with another one coming soon. How lucky you are to have them so (reasonably) close by. Best wishes for a safe delivery.

  7. thanks for your comment on my table runner, Linda - funny about me being arrested for machine sewing my binding. I don't regret it one bit, by the way - it saved me lots of time that is extra scarce right now. Lots of prayers going your way for your daughter and grandbaby and yourself! Be very careful on your road trip when the time comes.

  8. Please keep us posted. Nov. was my mother's birthday. I'd like to see Jill have her baby then, but for both of them, I hope she goes earlier and has a safe delivery and recovers soon. I'm happy for you that they are in the states and you can be there to help them. Your family will continue to be in my prayers. I hope you have a great reunion when your whole family gets together later. {{HUGS}} Patty



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