Saturday, August 7, 2010

Annual Riverside Auction

Today in Story City, Iowa, was the annual Riverside Lutheran Bible Camp quilt auction. Quilts are made and donated to Riverside by Lutheran churches throughout Iowa, and by individuals. This year 178 quilts were sold during the live auction, as well as dozens of quilts and smaller items sold during a silent auction. This is the camp's largest fundraiser.

Hope Quilters made 15 quilts for Riverside. One of them was my 34" X 37" wall quilt that sold for $300 in the silent auction! It made me tear-up when I learned that the young man who wanted the quilt has attended many Riverside camps and camps in other places. He got it because his mom upped the last bid. Moms are the best.
These are just a few of the live-auction quilts that caught my eye.
This 77" X 90" "Square Dance" quilt sold for $875.
This 96" X 104" batik quilt: $1,050
"Luck of the Irish," 88" X 112": $800
"Step it Up," 90" X 90": $500
It's always difficult to figure out why some quilts sell better than others.
Scrappy brights, 85" X 105": $250
Also sold were plenty of denim quilts, quilts made with cheater cloth or upholstery fabric samples or poly-blends. At least half of them were tied. But all were made with good intentions and a generous heart for Riverside. Hopefully the camp raised $50,000-plus dollars, as it has in previous years.


  1. Gosh people are generous with their time and quilting skills. What a wonderful way to raise money.

  2. wow! your quilt is beautiful as well as all the others auctioned. What a great way to raise money!!

  3. Those are certainly beautiful quilts, Linda, and how generous of so many people to donate them for auctioning. I've always thought yours is such a lovely design, ever since you blogged about it, and I'm sure the young man who bought it (and his Mum!) will treasure it.

  4. wow! Your quilt is beautiful as well as all the others auctioned. ..
    nice to see all the work is apprecitated..
    Julia ♥

  5. Your quilting is amazing! I love how you quilted with flying geese, pine baughs and with trees. You did a great job and it's a wonderful quilt!

  6. Congratulations, Linda. How nice that people were willing to be so generous. Nice that the young man who got your quilt will have it now for a keepsake of all his fun camping memories.

  7. Well done Linda, a wonderful contribution to a good cause. Sounds like your quilt has found a good home.

  8. That first quilt - I assume it was yours - is just my favorite. I think embroidery adds so much to a quilt. :) I've not seen the pattern before but it's wonderful. blessings, marlene

  9. Your quilt is wonderful Linda, Love the stitchery and verse, you certainly put in a lot of love and work, it's not surprising that it raised such an amount



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