Monday, July 21, 2014

Bee Block

Do you get blog-moody like I sometimes do? Maybe because it's summertime, maybe because we've frequently had rainy days (like six inches one day last weekend), or maybe because I just don't feel like it, but I haven't wanted to write a blog post, or read blogs. Don't get me wrong though! I still like my blog friends! In fact, I brag to non-bloggers that I could travel just about anyplace in the world and arrange to meet-up with a blogger who I've come to know pretty well. Blog comments and swapped emails build friendships.

Moodiness aside, I've spent productive time in my sewing room, especially on rainy days.

Always a beginning-of-the-month priority is to make the queen's block for our Mid-Century Modern Bee. Our July queen is Susan who lives in Australia, and blogs at PatchworknPlay. She asked for a 12" star block. The star could be our choice as long as it has a black background and any clear color prints. I selected the Blazing Star block on Jinny Beyer's "Free Block Patterns" website. To make sure the points met perfectly in the center, I hand-pieced it, and used a wall paper seam roller to press each completed seam.

You can see in this close-up that the black background is a cool "Target" print. I found this Timeless Treasures fabric - in both black and white - about six years ago, and bought five yards of each color. It's proving to be a timeless (catch that pun?) contemporary print.

So Susan remembers that this block is the one I contributed to her quilt, I made it in my very favorite colors.
Blazing Star, 12-1/2" X 12-1/2" unfinished
If you know me very well, you're aware that I'm crazy for popcorn. Not the microwaveable kind, but the good 'ole fashioned kernel-type that's popped in oil in a Whirlypop on the stovetop. I think this cartoon is a good mood-lifter, especially if you're experiencing the summer heat.



  1. Absolutely love your star block. I would never have thought to use one of the wall paper rollers like that, but I will be getting on at lunch today and trying it out tonight. What a great idea!

  2. Lovely block, and you sure got the center to meet and lie flat with the seam roller. Clever tip. It reminds me a little of "The Whacker" teacher Susan Cleveland uses. The cartoon- what a hoot! It really sums things up nicely.

  3. yes I think everybody has times when blogging just isn't their first priority. I feel just the same but mostly because I don't really have anything to show for. It's very hot here too and I'm not in the mood for sewing at all. Your star block looks awesome and some fabric is indeed timeless. My husband recently asked me in all innocence how long fabric has to be stored before one can use it ;).

  4. Gorgeous star block!!! I am a moody blogger, often. Funny thing is, when I am going about my day, whether it's sewing or out in nature, I'm 'writing my next post' in my head as I go. That's cute what Oops-Lah said about her husband. MEN!

  5. Linda, your Blazing Star block is wonderful. Those clear summer colors on that black background are perfect. I have seen others use the seam roller before, but have not tried it personally. I get pretty good use out of my fingernails though as I'm making blocks before going to the ironing board for the final pressing. Susan will love it!

  6. Susan does love her star block- thank you! And the thing about blogs, you can always go back and read post if you feel the need to catch up!

  7. I love the star block. It's so bright and happy. I don't get "blog moody" any more because I don't have a blog, but I surely do get just plain moody some days. I do understand what you mean, though. I love your blog posts so please keep them coming.

  8. Maybe it is the weather? I too took a break and it felt great.
    Your star is lovely and I am very impressed with the hand sewing, bravo to you!

  9. The block is perfect, she will love it. Sorry you've had the blues, summers in FL get like that, I think it's the endless heat :). Hang in there....

  10. Beautiful block and love the colors!. I have been only reading my blogs once a week and it seems I was just spending too much time doing that.
    You and mt hubby would get along because he hates microwave popcorn and only wants the old-fashion kind.
    Hugs and Blessings Sandra

  11. As evidenced by that fact that I am once again playing blog catch-up, yes, I get blog-moody. :-) Love that star block!



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