Friday, May 9, 2014

A Winner!

Thanks you to those of you who commented on my last post - the one with my "Love Links" quilt. I learned that the bride and groom opened gifts on Sunday, the day after their wedding, and that they like the quilt. Apparently they thought there was some special significance to the Ikea "Britten Nummers" backing. Nope. It told them, it's just a very popular, and inexpensive fabric.

So now I’m back at home after being away since April 22. So much can happen in 16 days, but I won't keep you here for hours telling you about it. My exciting news first!

On Wednesday, while traveling home, I received a phone call from Provo, Utah. Not actually knowing anyone anyone from Provo, and remembering that this weekend is the HMQS (Home Machine Quilter’s Showcase), I quickly became excited. In mid-April I entered my Riley Blake Challenge quilt, “Dandelion Clock,” in the show. I put it in the category: Conventional Machine (quilting).

I was asked, “Are you planning to be in Provo for the awards ceremony on Thursday?” When I replied, “No,” she said, “I didn’t think so. Will you please call me on Thursday between 4-6 pm so I can tell you what you won?” Oh my gosh, “Yes!” 
HMQS entry: "Dandelion Clock" with its ribbon
Dandelion Clock won Honorable Mention!

My friend ChristaQuilts attended HMQS and sent me an Instagram picture of Dandelion Clock hanging at the show.

AQS entry:"Colorful Chevrons" by Christa Watson
Modern category, 3rd place
A couple ironies here... I started following Christa's blog about six weeks ago. She's a domestic machine quilter too. When she learned I was going to Paducah, she asked me to look for her quilt entry in the modern category, and send her a picture of it (see right). Her design and FMQ are beautiful!

I did that and then was privilged to get to call her for an interview (for American Quilter magazine) about her third place win! We chatted like old friends. Oddly enough, the tables turned and she took pictures of my quilt at the Home Machine Quilter's Showcase. Neither of us can believe how coincidental this is!

Also, you must recall that in a previous post I was up front about sharing my imperfect quilting skills. And now I've won a ribbon for them. Go figure. It's worthwhile to keep trying!

By the way, if you'd like to see the entire list of HMQS winners, here's where to go.

This week, on May 5, Debbie of A Quilter's Table wrote a Sew Mama Sew post called Quilting Trends with Debbie. Happily, she included Dandelion Clock in the section about trendy "Spirals and Circles." I appreciate this recognition too!

Next post... all about AQS QuiltWeek (April 22-26) in Paducah. Now that was also pretty amazing! Linda

P.S. I paid for an appraisal for Bloom, the quilt in this post, and just received it in the mail. My jaw dropped to learn its value: $4,150! How many hidden gems do you have in your stack of quilts?!


  1. You are a marvel Linda! We talked for an hour and we didn't talk about any of this fantastic stuff! Congratulations on the honourable mention - your Dandelion Clock is a real winner! Your skills are far from imperfect! And I can't imagine what its like to own a quilt worth $4000! Do you have it insured?!!!

  2. Congratulations, that's fantastic news (and I'm not surprised one little bit either)!!! And if your "Bloom" quilt is worth that much money, it has to be extra special, don't you agree? And I do think those judges should "reconsider", just saying! I can see you shoot off to stardom and I'm going to tell everybody that you are my friend!!!

  3. wow! What a wonderful post! SO pleased for all the quilt strokes for you and your beautiful work!

  4. Congrats again! You so totally rocked it!! I love life's sweet little ironies :-)

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  6. Congratulations, Linda! I think that you have some other beauties that you should have appraised..and insured!!

  7. Outstanding, Linda! That's exciting news and well-deserved. Dandelion Clock is becoming well traveled and widely recognized as the beautifully designed quilt it is.

  8. I'm sure I don't have anything worth that much! Congrats on all the well deserved recognition : )

  9. Aw, Linda, you are a gem! I appreciate the honesty on imperfections, why are we always trying to conceal those flaws? that is what makes us so real. Kuddos, girl, you are so talented, and deserve the honors ~
    :-} pokey

  10. Congrat's Linda I have always admired your work and I am so happy that you are winning awards for all of your beautiful work .
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day. Blessings Sandra

  11. WaHoo!!! Way to go Linda. See . . . you are good at what you do. Now just get busy and do more of that beautiful quilting.

  12. Just catching up with my blog reading, and I'm so excited at your beautiful quilt's success! You deserve the kudos :-)

  13. See!!! It pays to keep trying, this is a great quilt. So glad you're home.



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