Saturday, July 11, 2020

Scrap Snap Quilt

Scrap Snap Quilt, 60" X 78"

I'd like to say that making the Scrap Snap quilt used up most of my scraps, but I can truthfully say only that the canvas scrap bins slide more easily into their cabinet slots. Ha, ha! Better. 

Thanks are owed to Kari, for the free Scrap Snap block instructions at The layout for my blocks is my own.

This past week I quilted Scrap Snap, choosing to making easy spirals. If you've never tried spiral quilting with a walking foot, I recommend it as a way to quilt a large area quickly - well, at least faster than custom free motion domestic machine quilting. I wrote a blog post with tips about how to spiral quilt: 10 Tips for Spiral Quilting Success.

I spiral quilted my first quilt on my Bernina 440QE with a 7-1/2" harp. That size is doable, but since getting my Bernina 770QE with its 10" harp, it's somewhat easier. Mostly I need to be sure everything is off the quilting table surface because the "fluffy" quilt can easily knock things off.

Quilting Scrap Snap began with one offset spiral in the upper left section. In the photo above you can see I used the Bernina walking foot guide (on the left side of the foot) to quilt spirals one inch apart.

When the first spiral was finished, I moved to the lower right section to begin another spiral. That's variegated-color thread. 

I quilted with two different variegated colors of 40-weight YLI thread. All bobbin thread was Aurifil 50-weight silver, color #2615.

When the second spiral was completed, I added partial spirals to fill in the upper right and lower left sections. In this photo you can see where spirals touched one another. 

Each time a spiral "bumped into" a striped setting triangle, I stopped. 

Lastly, I used a ruler to quilt straight lines spaced to follow the striped fabric. Easy work.

Binding is checked fabric. I thought about using the same stripe as the setting triangles, but knew it would drive me crazy if the stripes didn't match. 

Even though it takes more time to piece a quilt back, I am always happy to use up fabrics for a scrappy backing, which seemed appropriate for this scrap quilt. 

I still love seeing a colorful quilt hanging in a Bismarck palm!
Scrap Snap Quilt, 60" X 78"

As many of you know from reading previous posts, I'm participating in Kristy Lea's upcoming "Create Collection" launch. Create is the name of her new fabric line by Riley Blake. Here's the list of quilters participating in making a project, and when to see them on Instagram

For those of us who blog, we'll also write a blog post on our assigned date. Tuesday, July 21 is when you'll see the small quilt I designed, and find details and free access to the pattern. I appreciate feedback from those of you who have expressed interest in seeing my project.

This post wouldn't be complete without a book review, but leave it to me to select a book that was the second in a series! No, I didn't read the first one. Sigh. Love's Every Whisper is in Naomi Rawlings' six-book Eagle Harbor series that takes place in the late 1800s along the coast of Lake Michigan. It's an age-old love story involving two kids who grew up in the same town, but from diverse economic backgrounds - Victoria's as the daughter of a wealthy shipping merchant, and Elijah's as the son of a fisherman-fur trader. After the death of his father in a lake storm, Elijah devotes himself to building a rescue boat and putting together a team of volunteers who are ready to assist a floundering boat. Of course, Elijah's long-time nemesis, is around to make life as challenging as possible, including wanting to make Victoria his wife.

This is what I call a "beach novel" - the sort that's pleasant reading while lying in the sand, or lounging at the pool.  Linda's score: 3.5/5.0 



  1. WaHoo on another finish. I know Kari from the Denver Metro guild and admire her work and all her ideas for this scrap quilt. My scraps just keep building up with no end in sight and no real plans to use them. Although I liked Kelly's (My Quilt Infatuation) recent scrap strip finish and am tempted to make one. I love how your spirals on this quilt. Perfect for all that scrappy goodness. Reminds me that I should get back to my spiral quilting of the bento block quilt. But instead I started a new project this week. I haven't been in my studio to sew in weeks but the hot weather here has driven me inside so I felt the call to sew again.

  2. This turned out so fun. I really like your setting and those stripes! And that binding! Also yay for the circular quilting - I think I've done that just once and it is definitely a nice effect.

  3. Yay! Another bright and very happy quilt finish. I absolutely love your spiral quilting and followed your tutorial and tips to try it myself with great result. I'm looking forward to seeing your 'Create' project and the blog hop.

  4. Your quilt has turned out very nice, your setting really shows the colours off. Good choice for the binding, I like having stripes match as well. I've only spiral quilted one quilt but I have a few smaller ones waiting that I think spiral quiting will work well on, just have to motivate myself to do it. It is annoying when you get a book that is second in a series, some of them it doesn't seem to matter but I've had a couple where it is hard to work out what came previously. Looking forward to seeing what you have made with Kristy's fabrics, hoping it will be available here in Australia soon.

  5. A fun, happy summer quilt! I love seeing it hanging in your palm tree. One day I will attempt spiral quilting on a donation quilt, probably wheelchair size lap quilt, and see how it goes. I've always liked it when I see it on others' quilts.

  6. Another fabulous quilt Linda. I must attempt that spiral on a charity quilt I am making. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Love that quilt! I’m hoping to be brave enough one day to try spiral quilting.

  8. Lively and fun- and those setting triangles really work beautifully! Spiral works well, too. Thanks for the link to the block pattern. Stay well!

  9. Hanging your quilts in your palm tree inspired me to hang Josh’s tshirt quilt in one of our trees for his “rescheduled-socially distanced-outdoor” graduation party. If I could figure out how to add a photo to the comment, I would! Still love seeing your creativity.

  10. Another beautiful work of art, and it does look wonderful in the palm tree. The spiral quilting is great with it as well.

  11. Love this one, Linda! So bright and fun! Great choice on the setting triangles with that stripe. Congrats on another stunning finish!

  12. Very artistic! I really like how you placed all the colors and made lighter blocks for the edges. That was clever to use the stripes and the checkered binding. I just don't know how you got all that circular quilting done so perfect!!

  13. Hooray for your finish! Such a colourful quilt and a very effective pattern.

  14. I love the colors in your quilt! And the pink fabric with the BUG caught my eye, as well ;)

  15. Love the fabrics and the black and white setting triangles and checked binding. I've used my Viking with the 6 1/2" opening to quilt a 40 x 50 quilt and don't care to do it again. I struggled. You on the other hand did a great job.


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