Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coming Soon

While I'm in Australia visiting our daughter and her family, our son and DIL expect to deliver their first child. They live in Tampa, Florida, and "Eric" is due Saturday, May 1. Family on both sides are placing bets as to the actual birth date. I picked Sunday, May 2 at 2:30 a.m.

Today we received this ultrasound photo of Eric. Isn't it absolutely amazing what technology reveals these days? The doctors even know that he weighs about 7 pounds 8 ounces (3.4 kg)! As much as I'd like to be close by for Eric's birth, Eric's parents have asked for three weeks of family bonding time before anyone visits. Since our DIL's mother has first dibs for a visit - and rightly so - I probably won't meet the little man until the second week of June.
It's a good thing I'm getting lots of baby snuggles from Tay while I'm in Oz. They have to last me for many weeks!


  1. Tay is sooo cute!! I'm betting on May 2nd, that's my son's birthday.

  2. The wonders of modern technology! How exciting to see such a rounded image of "Eric"! Not long now and Tay (and Celina) will have a little cousin.

  3. Yes, those sonograms are pretty cool these days.
    Tay is such a cutie pie. Enjoy your time there until you can see the other baby.

  4. I'm betting on May 5th at 4 p.m. "Eric" is beautiful and I know how anxious you are to meet him. Oh, Tay, I don't think you could be any cuter! I'd love to pick you up and have a good cuddle.

  5. Wow Linda, that is an amazing 'pic'.
    Tay has the cutest smile, he has really grown since your last visit.
    Love the vids, Celina is such a good sport to join in.



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